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I thought he steered a very reasonable and middle path between the extremes. There was no hatred only objective, calm, sensible and insightful analysis

This is a complex issue and cannot be distilled down to soundbites

The accusation of 'racism' issue HAD to be dealt with because it is part of the politically correct programme to shut down any dialogue about what the NWO cabal are doing (as Icke says that comes from the rothschild frankfurt school)

Vitally Icke encourages people to see that there are shades of grey to these issues and that they are not the black and white issues that the corporate media tries to frame them in for example saying anyone who questions MASS immigration is a 'racist'

It did need to be said and sadly most people in the public eye don't have the courage to broach the subject; thankgoodness for people like Icke who do have the courage to tackle the no-go areas of discussion

Great interview

Also kudos to Icke and his team for their scoop on how the pentagon spent millions creating al qaeda propaganda always they beat the mainstream media to it (who are then forced to diiscuss such matters because the alternative media are actually doing the job they are supposed to be doing of informing people). lets hope Icke can help spark some reasonable debate among the mainstream journalists on this difficult issue of mass immigration

Time to be adults folks and to have an adult discussion on it
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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