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The Captive..

American News Program..

The Early Show..

At a police station in Niagara Falls, Ontario, new detective Jeffrey Cornwall is sitting down for a job interview with Nicole Dunlop who works in the Internet Child Exploitation Unit..He recoils in disgust after seeing the images related to open cases and Nicole tells him that these are the images he will have to see every day..Meanwhile, Niagara Falls resident Matthew Lane picks his nine year old daughter Cassandra up from the arena after her figure skating practice..He comments that her wearing one white skate and one black skate is an unnecessary gimmick given her skill..Release date (Canada) 5 September 2014 ..

The Captive 2014 Movie Clip..

MPs vote 306–231 to back the Affordable Homes Bill, designed to relax controversial housing benefit cuts - Simone Sherise Battle (June 17, 1989) was an American actress & singer from Los Angeles, California, was a finalist on The X Factor..Her cause of death was ruled as suicide by hanging - The government of Ukraine & pro-Russian rebels agree to a cease-fire, fighting continues after the announcement..Fighting primarily raged in the village of Shirokino, while clashes once again took place at Bezimenne..The clashes over the previous two days had left se7en civilians dead..Rebel forces claimed they entered Mariupol, which Ukraine denied - David Richard Lomax (18 May 1938) was a British TV reporter and interviewer, best known for his contributions as a reporter to the BBC's Panorama current affairs series & served as a jet pilot achieving the rank of Pilot Officer..He also made a critical report for NewsNight about the Eurofighter Typhoon project - Bruce Alexander Morton (October 28, 1930) was a TV news correspondent for both CBS News & CNN - Arnold Fine (January 15, 1924) was and editor and columnist, known for editing The Jewish Press - The Pentagon confirms that leader of the terrorist group al-Shabaab Moktar Ali Zubeyr was killed in an airstrike on September 1 - Iranian air traffic control requires a plane chartered by US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan to land over issues with the flight plan - Outgoing Slovenian pm Alenka Bratušek is formally nominated by Jean-Claude Juncker as the country's EU commissioner, and according to several European media she is slated to become a Vice-President of the Commission - Noel William Hinners (December 25, 1935) was an American geologist and soil chemist who is primarily remembered for his work with NASA - A privately owned Socata TBM-900 (flight number N900KN) from the US flies without a conscious pilot for a thousand miles after a suspected cabin depressurization & crashes 14 miles off the coast of northeastern Jamaica..In the early 80s, the Mooney Airplane Company of Kerrville, Texas designed a six-seat pressurised light aircraft powered by a single 360 hp (268 kW) piston engine, the Mooney 301 was purchased by French owners which resulted in talks between Mooney & French company SOCATA to build a turboprop derivative of the 301..Legend holds that the Queen of Ethiopia, Tarbis, proposed her love to Moses and that he refused, and its sister, on the banks of the Gave de Pau, arose as Lourdes - Mara Dicle Neusel (May 14, 1964) was a mathematician, author, teacher and an advocate for women in mathematics + Moon Waxing Gibbous Visible: 82% Age: 11 days...'ll be traveling in that direction anyway, just out of habit..Do you think that..that I am..That I am truly a frightful man?.You think maybe I am..a monster?..I never understood the whole Irish thing..Cos, I mean, they're all Christian..It's debatable..You heard what the Father said..I'll settle for a room..And not just two of them..I want the organisation...

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