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Originally Posted by unusual_suspect View Post
Well it clearly does happen, I remember seeing a documentary years ago about MI6 investigating trade union members and engaging in these sort of gang stalking activities.

The reason I ask these questions is that trade union membership seems to be a fairly innocent thing, so what other seemingly innocent activities might invite this sort of attention I wonder?

at one time they needed an excuse to do it .

now its done for experiments and to make people comply / shut up .

you see ,

our society is like a bottle neck .
the masses congregate in the bottom of the bottle where the large area is .
the bottle represents the system and those who control it .

but certain individuals dont comply .
they wish to become more than joe blogs son on a production line .
so with enough patience they eventually find the bottle top opening where freedom is in sight .

some times they have problems getting there but many do persist .

once they get there , the gang stalking creators come out , they monitor them , play with their lives and then behind the scnes create new laws to prevent every one else doing the same thing .

laws and monitoring people are always done around certain individuals and not the masses .

for instance .
take the new self employed tax laws .

2 years ago i was able to earn after tax , and i do mean take home after tax and insurance 60k per year .
that year the new tax law came out that prevented electricians like me and all other trades earning this every week by creating around it a barrier .

this barrier was the 3 month claus .
if you work for some one more than 3 months you are classed as on the cards and not self employed .
this means you have to leave that employer or become a ltd company .
you have to leave them for 3 months and then you can go back again .

this claus stops all trades men working as self employed on a one year or 6 month contract .
this then prevents them earning alot of money .

why ?
well of caurs they dont want the likes of me or you earning 60k per year .
thats more than some authority people in councils earn .

for instance.
you could earn more than a head of a borough council
or chief of police

and that is unecceptable in their eyes .

so what they do

is that they do monitor certain individuals .
because it is the individual who is restless , who wants more , who wants to be more
so they monitor them to assess how to prevent the masses from doing the same and if these individuals come close to something that they defo dont want public

out come the games
the playing
the gang stalking .

its all real .
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