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For propaganda's sake let's take a look at planet X's orbit. 3600 years, not days, and to slingshot within our part of the solar system it would have to be traveling very fast. The window of its passing through the path of the Earth would be small. The brown star would have a comet tail pointing toward Earth and Sol would have a tail pointed at the brown star. This tail would pass through the Earth in a short time. That is not what is happening. We have had years of crap weather and strange energies coming from the sun for years now. I'm having trouble with what seems a lie so I brought it up here. I don't have the formula for orbits or I would run it on the computer. Maybe Hoagland would if he is not part of what is going on.

There is photographic evidence that ships have been working on the sun. I believe that needs to go into the equation too. Ships large enough to cause a coronal discharge. Not a mass one, one large enough to draw off some energy in a direction away from Earth and probably Venus. These ships have been blamed for using the sun to fuel up. I don't think that is what is happening. In short I do not think we are getting a straight story.

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