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Just seen an article in the MSM, it's being described as an optical illusion: "Move over Tatooine: Bizarre double sunset looks just like the scene over Luke Skywalker's home in Star Wars"

Just before'Star Wars Day', a film-buff snapped this awesome double sunset above Wales - that looks just like a scene from the epic franchise.

The amazing optical illusion seems almost identical to an iconic shot from the first filmed movie in the series 'A New Hope'.

...'I thought it was so coincidental that it was May 2, approaching the day Star Wars fans declare 'May the Fourth be with you', said Mr Lewis, who captured the strange scene.

'I saw the two suns as it happened but it's even clearer in the video.

'It was a fantastic sight and I'm not sure I will ever see it again. It was really out of this world.'

The incredible image was captured at South Stack light house in Anglesey, Wales.

Mr Lewis visited the site with a friend to take some pictures but says they had 'no idea what a treat we were in for'.

It's not known what caused the mystical phenomenon but photographer Kevin Lewis claims this couldn't be a 'sundog' - caused by light interacting with ice crystals in the atmosphere
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