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Originally Posted by stupid View Post
Really ?
The rabies vaccine is the prime reason that Rabies is not running rapid.

The more people that don't vaccinate their pets for Rabies....the higher the probability your pet can get infected, or you.

Do you know the treatment for a pet that contracts Rabies ?
Either they are given a Rabies booster and quarantined for 45 days (alone in a cage) for observation, or they are put to sleep (killed).
Is that how you want your pet treated ?

From the ASPCA:
I can see how people might be discouraged from vaccines... They hurt, they have side-effects, they can kill you. A girl was paralyzed after getting the swine flu shot.
But at the same time vaccines are the reason we no longer have to worry about smallpox, polio, tuberculosis. If there was a vaccine for cancer nearly everyone would jump on that!
A lot of people will say 'just clean the cut' if you step on a nail...but suppose you are nowhere near hydrogen peroxide or anything similar? I would rather take the tetanus vaccine (which gave me a godawful fever!!) than die of lockjaw.
Btw... If vaccines DID cause autism, why is that such a bad thing? Suppose for an instant that we never had Albert Einstein or Bill Gates. Yeah.
"Either God wants to abolish evil, and cannot; or he can, but does not want to."
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