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Originally Posted by klara View Post
9 rings,

What do you think about the association between the greys and the reptoids - good or bad?
Honestly from my experience with both, their not to fond of each other. I think it's a dominance thing between the two races. Most of them work in harmony together when there are working among the star nations but when they are together they seem to 'tiff'.

The reptilians and the greys along with the insect species have an acute temper about their selves. Due to the fact of there physical structure compared to the other races... But they also work very differently and I think honestly they envy each other with compassion, wanting to learn from one another.

But all together they work in a very polite tone and positive structure. I can see why people tend to think the reptilians are power hungry. But the greys are given a bad rap as well. especially the ones who work with the other bad reptilians, they tend to experiment on humans. But they're are many different species of greys and reptilians. Over a hundread different types just as humanitys colonys. My honest outlook towards it is that the two get along just as we have to on gaia, if not then it would cause controversy among the nations in our universe. Honestly, both races feel that they are superior to the other races in the galaxy....just my opinion.

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