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Regularly after I post something on the internet, stories are published with similar keywords, to bury my posts.

Yesterday, the propaganda network Reuters published a story that involves the following keywords “Submarine, Buenos Aires, Argentina, San, Juan, crew, Patagonia, coast, “Mar del Plata”, Santiago”:

In the follow-up story, Reuters also mentioned “Antarctica, Brazil, Chile, “South Africa””:

The Guardian wrote a slightly different story that involved ““Valdes peninsula”, Germany”:

I’ve found a good video – “How Hitler got away” (44:14).
I think that the most interesting part is the 2009 “scientific” investigation by Connecticut archaeologist and bone specialist Nick Bellantoni.
The conclusion is shown that the skull belongs to a woman.
Most of the blood on the sofa in the bunker belonged to a man. Because Hitler’s relatives in the USA didn’t provide DNA-material it’s impossible to determine if the male blood on the sofa in the bunker is Adolf Hitler’s.
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