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Originally Posted by totallybonkers View Post
Yup in the UK the electric company owns your meter, always has for as long as you buy electric from one of the major utilites the meter will aways belong to them, not you. It is an offence to tamper with it, many people have tried to by-pass it or "slow it down" (the old types) and got charged with theft. Usually the owner of the meter is written on it. All this is just basic common knowldege, been available for 40+ years that I know of.

I've had another look at - - it tends not to look/read very well, they soon resort to insults when people make genuine technical arguments. It reminds me of that stuoid threat George W Bush came up with "either you're with us, or with the terrorists".

One one hand I'm not sure if total control of ower power meters is a good thing, I'm sure there are costs involved chasing up people who "steal" electric, nonpayment of bills etc. But usually such instrumentation which should be for the general good, usually ends up costing us more. However, there is a finite limit on how much electic is available, more people want more electirc which has to be generated somewhere.

Still the real issue seems to be the increased levels of uW RF, that I don't dispute, but I would think it needs proof the emission ARE the source and not people thinking they are. There are a lot of easy to obtain technical test equipment available nowerdays so until some qualified engineers do the tests to confirm, it will just be another campaign.
Most meters now have anti tamper systems on them that will log any attempt to bypass or tamper, some key meters even transmit this info back in the key when its charged up at the paypoint and such. Basic meters can be removed by Eon and sent back to HQ so the log can be read in the meter to see if tamper or bypass has occured. As for the costs involved well the detection is usually low cost because the sub stations have meters as well and so Eon can trace quick quickly anybody giving false readings and they will get a warrant to come and check/rip out the meter.

You have a point regarding the methods people use when detecting these signals, when I trained as an electronics engineer we were told to never decide what the fault or problem was before we found it because that leads to chasing your own tale, let the evidence do the work not the imagination. Good science would detect the signals first and then pinpoint the origin but it is reasonable to assume that a sudden increase in EMR after a smart meter install is probably not circumstantial. In a court of law if the defence denied that it had snowed last night and yet the judge and jury could see the snow on the ground it would be reasonable to rule that it did infact snow last night!

It would be simple to triangulate the source of EMR by measurung the pulse strength at a min of two locations at least 90" apart but the same radius from suspected source with clear line of sight. (thats what im going to do anyway)

And The good news is im a qualified engineer and i just received my test equipment today so stay tuned..

I will also tell you this, science is controlled by the system always has been it is the system that decides what is safe and what is not regardless of what the truth is. The system is self serving it is the matrix man just look at the climate change lies.....

Did you know all young engineers in training are encouraged to join the Iee or IEEE or whatever abbreviation they are going by now, it is little clubs like this that help control science and thus reality for the elite.


Heres an excellent article on the technical aspects of smart grids.
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