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Originally Posted by eddieb View Post
And if there was another referendum and the result was the same as last time but with for arguments sake a larger leave vote, what then, calls for another referendum? Or if the result was reversed then the leavers would be entitled to another referendum, where would it end?
Having said that, I have always maintained that we will not be allowed to leave. TPTB have spent far to much time and money to allow such a thing to happen.
When the Irish voted no they were told they had voted wrong and to vote again. They then voted Yes and nothing changed.

The French and Dutch voted No on a treaty and they still ratified it by changing it's name.

They are using the same strategy with the Brexit issue but with a lot more fear.

I still think there will be another election and that Corbyn will get elected with the help of the Lib Dems and that will be the end of Brexit, Teresa May and the Tories.
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