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That's an interesting question .... but a better one would be , what led him to this idea, and what additional information has become available , so we can analyse it and come to our own conclusion.

A must watch is Ickes "revelations of a mother goddess"

A second body of evidence is the one covered in this thread

I think these are the main two , I'd be interested to know of any others from Icke.

Now we have an overwhelming body of data regarding the Reptillians from many respected sources.... Andrew Bartzis, Simon Parkes , Alex Collier, Barbara Machiniac, Randy Cramer., and others. To get a balanced and full picture we must be familliar with all these and others. They basically all agree with Icke.

These are physical ET's who have been manipulating us genetically and politically (through surrogate humans, the illuminati) for a very long time. ...

They are psychically very powerful , able to overshadow their illuminati followers , and in some circumstances , cause their bodies to shift into reptilian form (whilst they, the rep, is elsewhere).

Through their human surrogates they have turned the Earth into prison planet, unknown to most of the humans, this is about to change as the cosmic tide shifts, and makes things ripe for humanity to see the prison and demand freedom.
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