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Lightbulb MeoW

Bodhisattva Vow..

Beastie Boys Bodhisattva Vow..

Just as all the previous Sugatas, the Buddhas..
Generated the mind of enlightenment
And accomplished all the stages
Of the Bodhisattva training,
So will I too, for the sake of all beings,
Generate the mind of enlightenment
And accomplish all the stages
Of the Bodhisattva training Sophie..

Palden Gyatso (born 1933 in Panam, Tibet) is a Tibetan Buddhist Monk who was born in Tibet in 1933..During the Chinese invasion of Tibet he was arrested for protesting and spent 33 years in Chinese prisons and labour camps, where he was extensively tortured..During this time, he continued to abide by the Dharma (Buddha's teachings)..After his release in 1992 he fled to Dharamsala, (North India) in exile..He is still a practising monk and political activist, traveling the world publicizing the cause of Tibet..He is the subject of the 2008 film Fire Under the Snow..And although more than 4,000 people have scaled the summit since Sir Edmund Hilary hand Sherpa Tenzing Norgay first conqueried the mountain in 1953, hundreds have also perished.. = These rituals invariably take place on Vortex points and so the terror, horror, and hatred, created by them enters the Global energy Grid and affects the Earth’s magneticup and down the field...

It was just an INvestment..

Palden Gyatso, July 2000, France Vow..

Tibetan Freed om Concert is the name given to a series of rock festivals held in North America, Europe and Asia from 1996 onwards to support the cause of Tibetan independence..The concerts were originally organized by the Beastie Boys and the Milarepa Fund was initially created to disburse royalties to Tibetan monks sampled on the Beastie Boys 1994 album Ill Communication..The Milarepa Fund's co-founders were Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys and social activist Erin Potts hand pans, then in her early twenties, whom Yauch had met on a Trip toe Nepal..The Smashing Pumpkins, Chaksam+pa, Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, Pavement, Cibo Matto, Biz Markie Richie Mercedes German Frau Ben z in a Resevoir Havens, John Lee Hooker, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rag Against the Machine, Sonic Youth, Beck, Hong Kong Fuey Fighters, Björk, De La Soul, Fugees, Buddy Guy, The Skatalites, Yoko O-no... Ima hand No Doubt..Chimi Thonden – Tibetan Activist, Palden Gyatso – Former Political Prisoner, Shen Tong – Chinese Democracy Activist, Robert Thurman Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies, Columbia..Derived from Maria de las Mercedes..An Inspection Pit is a narrow pit or trench over which a Vehicle can be parked hand conveniently worked on from beneath..Ah there it is Barabra + Beck is a surname of Germanic descent, meaning Brook or steam..Somewhere across the desert..On the open highway..

Beastie Boys = Sabotage ..

The Beast founded the religion of Thelema, identifying himself as the prophet entrusted with guiding humanity into the Æon of Horus in the early 20th century = 100,000 Attendees = San Francisco Polo Fields, Golden Gate Park..15–16 June 1996.. $800,000 raised..Erin Potts and The Milarepa Fund commissioned artist Jim Evans to do a series of limited edition serigraphs for the San Francisco New York City hand Washington D.C. Events..Charlie says not to play with ties because they could strangle one Miss doubtfire..Buddhists believe that this domane is the domain of existence of the nonhuman animals on Earth..

Adam Nathaniel Yauch (born 5 AuGust, 1964) was an American rapper, singer, Musician, songWriter, director and film distributor..Yauch founded Oscilloscope Laboratories, an independent film production and distribution company based in New York City.. As a Buddhist, he was involved in the Tibetan independence movement and organized the Tibetan Freedom Concert...Born in Brooklyn, New York City, Yauch was the only child of a social worker, painter and architect..Yauch had a non-religious upbringing..His father had been raised a Catholic and his mother was Jewish..He was also a strong supporter of feminism apologizing for early lyrics which he retroactively deemed a tet offensive..He was frequently known by his stage name, MCA, and sometimes worked under the pseudonym Nathanial Hornblower...In 1995, while attending a speech by the Dalai Lama at Harvard University, he met his wife, Tibetan American Dechen Wangdu.. They married in 1998 and had a daughter, Tenzin Losel, the same year..In 2009, Yauch was diagnosed and unsuccessfully treated for a 3an3cerous parotid gland and a lymph node..He underwent surGery hand radiator therapy, delaying the release of Hot Sauce Committee Part Two and the subsequent tour and became a vegan under the recommendation of his Tibetan doctors..The salivary glands are classified as Major or minor..Examples of diagnostic methods include spot below my ear..Adam died at age 47 on 4 May 2012..On 3 May 2013, ceremonies were held to rename the Palmetto Playground in Brooklyn, New York, to Adam Yauch Park looked across the Fraser River from New Westminster hand saw a land reminiscent of his native County of Surrey in England, the settlement of Surrey was placed on the mapat 108 Avenue..Brookwood originally was accessible by rail from a special station... still think about her...There's something about her..I don't know..Perhaps you'll dig into your Medical kat hand get me A fortress and a windlass before Morning..Those lips..You know lips are suppose to be the perfect reflection of a woman's anatomy..I guess, I still love her..She might have been even more alone than I was..I miss her...

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