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Originally Posted by entrangermercenary View Post
Here is your chance to make me eat humble pie
So go on share some of your experiences with us while in the elite im all ears

So if you were " a bit more than simple joe squaddy " you must also fall into that catagory. Now im confused
Look here , Ihave decided to roll in the numbers again .

Just a question or two , take a look at your post here ^^^^^^^^^^^

seems to mostly contradict me but have absolutely no experience your self .
You have spent most of your time doing this , why ?
Look at your reply and notice what you are doing here .

Now dont get me wrong , you claim to be a specialist right .

so why are these the only threads you have ever made ?

This one is about the snow , doesnt say much of anything realy.

One that seems to realy tell a joke and only has a picture of a canon in it .

One that tells about your son taking a scouts trip.

One that ( IMO ) miss informs others of the benifits of crossbows .

One that asks Cafetimes to unblock you .

Here is one that actually talks about survival here in the UK but doesnt really have much info . Not for a specialist .

Now dont get me wrong entrangermercenary , regarding some comments that you made about me being inexperienced and the only thing about me is that my heart is in the right place , you have to admit
You dont seem to be putting your heart into anything let alone helping people or giving away that specialist knowledge you claim that you have .

You made a comment once about me having to google or ask a friend for the answers .I thought that the comment was rather funny at the time .
But is this all so typical here ?
I notice that you join a alot of threads , I have noticed that most of the time you take a small comment from the OPs and contradict them by making whole posts based around those small comments rather than give full blown specialist input on the subject .

Whats happening here ?

where is this specialist input ?

give it already .

Not much of a specialist from here , so dont ever give me crap again about me being a simple squaddy.
until you are ABLE to earn my respect through atleast proving your specialist training , I shall endevour to keep prodding you on this now .

show us your knowledge already .

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