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Lightbulb preparing goat

Survival is a dirty buissiness and not a fluffy one.
Here is a couple pictures of a goat getting slaughtered and ready to eat.Note the leaves on the floor to catch most of the blood. A good standard parang/machete soon takes the head off, and is great for chopping the meat
Google for more detail as I cant be arsed typing all that out.Slaughtering most animals is the same principle near enuff ...but there are tricks to each species of animal.

But a little trick you wont find in any... u tube... video is cut just above the hoof the skin so you can lift it a bit. Then blow into the void. This will blow the skin up and its v easy then to peel it off !!!!

But then again these photos may be photo shopped !!Well of course they are Ive had to black the faces out. Btw im not in the photos

And of course the men in it are deranged killers, shock horror

Btw goat is fucking gorgeous

Head off

Intact gut sack coming out very important not to contaminate the meat

nearly done. Note the goat head on the table chuck the lot in

Oh and the trouble we had with this one Its actually an elephant skull

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