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Well I would like to welcome all the vof to the forum....although they have been here a while.
I would name them all....but there is so very many.....thisVof, thatVof, someVof and of course allVof....big family lol

But then I would also like to commend the 'Guests' for being able to access premiere forums and the 'Archives'....stunning job, no need to join just read anything.

Then of course you have the 'banned' members who can also login and interact with the forum??

The best and welcome to all the none cc or vof who join constantly with some of the most random names.......

I am certain that you are all helping to up the advertising rates....well done

and here come fresh 'members'....again

But really look at the 'Guests' they are fascinating....well done to them little buggers....for making you all think that your posts are being read!!!!

about 1 hr I figure lol

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