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she was on Montel for over ten years, answered thousands of questions and she was only wrong a handful of times. people think that as "proof" of her fraudulence? ...WEAK! open your eyes, people.

i also don't like the criticism TV psychics get... for being on TV. uh... if you have a message, why wouldn't you use the best tool available to spread it to as many people as possible. ...another weak skeptical claim.

also her turn-around of taking the Randi challenge. Randi is out to prove psychics are all fake. who would be stupid enough to take his biased challenge? it would obviously be staged in his favor.

anyway, i love her spiritual wisdom and her down-to-earth humorous personality that conveys it. she is my Jesus Christ. the greatest spiritual teacher of modern times.

sure she likes to keep it simple (doesn't talk about the higher dimensions, reptilians, and other things), but considering that she's in touch with spirits and not aliens, i can understand that. she did write a book about the illuminati, though.

her teachings will be common knowledge in the 2030s when spirituality takes over the world. she was instrumental in furthering the New Age movement. I LOVE HER!
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