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Default cloud busters (CBs) tower busters (TBs) &sheng qui

It was while visiting Taiwan in 1983 that I first read of the etheric connection between heaven and earth. According to tradition, there were places where sheng qi would pour into the earth from the sky. Men and other (sometimes non-corporeal) entities, who sought spiritual development, would sometimes search out these places and sit quietly there (in meditation) for the purpose of achieving more rapid advancement...I had opportunity to see a number of Buddhist and Taoist temples on the island, and had observed that often they were situated over positive lines of qi in the earth...At one place there, we came upon a temple (xuan gong si in Mandarin) which had been constructed on the side of a steep slope. One wall rested on the ground, and the opposite on wooden poles. As our vehicle approached, I automatically checked for qi lines about the place, but found none. Since there was level ground not far away, it seemed surprising that the builders had gone to the trouble of constructing it on the sleep slope, almost a cliff. After parking, while walking over to the entrance of the place, I noticed that sheng qi was coming down from the sky directly through the roof. We were told that there had been a temple in that location from time immemorial, and that it had not been used solely by one group: Taoists, Buddhists, and Confucianists had all used the place at one time or another. We walked through it, and I found that the place where the sheng qi entered the ground was near the back wall, and that that particular place had been used especially for quiet sitting. In fact there was a depression in the rock there for that purpose...

Following Don’s published plans, I built a CB .

I registered and began posting daily observations of how qi in the area was interacting with my CB . It was frequently the case that sha qi was coming down from the sky (and in from the earth) into the CB and sheng qi was sent back up into the sky: a transformation was taking place. As a result of these observations, I became "hooked" on studying and working with these phenomena. In the summer of 2003 these observations led to the discovery of what I have come to call vortices , though this is a specialized use of the word, and different people use the term for different phenomena. What I have since come to view as the typical vortex of this type occurs on the earth’s surface, often at a place of high altitude relative to the surrounding area, where qi from below ground rises up and concentrates. This qi characteristically contacts the surface at several points, and if TBs are placed at those points, sheng qi comes up through the surface and swirls upward in the the shape of an inverted cone.
thanks to anthony65 for pointing me to these links
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