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Originally Posted by darketernal View Post
Fair enough, the understanding I was given was that the Gnostics had uncovered (either through there own intuition or because some of them were insiders... the truth on this type of thing is often a combination of the two) certain spiritual truths and were starting to push them into the public front... and this could not be tolerated. So a number of the bloodlines infultrated this movement and used its growing popularity to push forward a new agenda for the next age. The Piso family, among others, wrote doctrines and teachings of a man who did not exist at the time, and forged the writings of Josephous also to give a single non-religious source to his existence, and those infultrating the movement worked these doctrines into the Gnostic movement.

These writings, like all the previous one's before was a story of the movements of the bloodline royalty, and was based upon a merging of two very pure lines into one individual who inheriated a very high percentage of the desired genetics from both parents, who then fathered a new kingdom for the next age, by fathering a pure line of nobility who then married into the various lines in Europe and promoted the new religion of the age, Christianity, which was an allegory for a new bloodline for a new age in the western world, who then used this religion as a driving force to control the European peoples, and enslave them spiritually, and then as a drive force to spread forth and conquere North America, South America, parts of Africa and the Middle East all in the name of a new religion, ruled by the brotherhood.

Those claiming to come from the line of Christ do not claim to come from the line of the Jesus/Yeshua/Joshua (the name Jesus was invented 500 years later) written of the Gospels becuase he never existed as a person, but instead is a claim to come from the exceptionally pure draco line fathered by an individual of royal blood this allegorical story was written of, and no not all or even most of the bloodlines claim this ancestory.

Actually as a result of some research I saw on this forum, the above tied in with another story I heard from the brotherhood concerning a young Pharoah traveling to the British Isles to bestow knowledge (and perhaps his seed?) upon the Druids there in his youth during this same time period, and I believe it is very possible this was the son of Julius Ceasar and Cleopatra, Ptolemy who would have been born in 36 BC I believe, and his actual death was not documented only speculated. I suspect this could be the individual the allegorical Christ myth was written after, given the repeated pattern of bloodline rulers being made into non-historical Biblical figures in older writings.
Do you know what spiritual truths the Gnostics Uncovered?
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