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The elites are just burning smaller fish because the enraged public wants some blood.

So they will give you small fish to feast on and think that you are making a difference.

No difference will be made in truth. Not even a tiny dent. But this is all about public perception, and the perception that "corruption" is being weeded out.

The whole campaign against the Clintons is entirely orchestrated by groups like the CNP, former Washington insiders to the Reagan and Nixon administrations, even the Bushes.

There has been an organized attack on the Clinton family from elements of the far right wing of the Republican party and the intelligence corners. This goes back to Bill Clinton.

The funny thing is is that the characters behind this attack are the ones who orchestrated Iran/Contra and flooded the US with cocaine during the Reagan administration. They blamed Bill Clinton for his dealings in Mena Arkansas, but he was largely just covering up for these same elements who have now blamed him for the affair while sheilding Reagan the CIA and elements within the CNP and other organizations. These guys were also funding Jihadists in Afghanistan and terrorists death squads in Latin America and Africa.

Funny that these guys are the ones behind attempting to make the Clintons out to be much bigger players than they really are.

Scapegoating 101. When members of the elite are being hung out to dry on the MSM, its because bigger fish are orchestrating it for a specific reason. We saw similar when Strauss Kahn the IMF chief had a rape scandal, or when that one governor who was anti-banker had a prostitute scandal to destroy his character. Bill Clinton had the Monika Lewinsky scandal to force him to bomb Kosovo. Thats how these things work.

Anyways I doubt the Clintons see any significant punishment, but their name brand will be forever sullied.

The masses will believe they have struck a great blow against corruption and "the system".

How wrong they are.

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