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Default I Saw This One Too

Originally Posted by newsnight View Post
i'd ask david how he managed to not slap that richard strange guy at bestival. what a plum. i watched the video and couldn't believe that strange guy's attitude. and some of the crowd seemed half cut as well.
David even brought his son to open the talk with a performance and that man had to be so insolent from start to finish. A Jewish girl suddenly jumped on the stage and called David "anti-semitic" or something and that was when I knew things were about to go wrong. It was a set up.

The man kept interrupting him all the time, tried trapping David with his own words like quoting his old statement/speech out of context and the way he chose to sit and position himself while he was doing it, with a leg dangling without a care or respect towards David was a true eyesore.

> I've never seen anything worse. Or rather, anyone. In my life.
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