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currently reading this book - william buhlman adventures beyond the body -

page 36-
My interest in physics increased with the number of out-of-body experiences I had.
When out-of-body, I would closely observe the energy structures around me. I
became fascinated with the nonphysical forms and substances I encountered. I
recognized that each environment and dimension within the interior of the universe
has specific similarities and differences. The most significant difference appears to
be the degree of responsiveness to thought of a given nonphysical environment.
Some nonphysical environments are easily molded by thought while others are
extremely resistant. I believe that all nonphysical energy is thought-responsive;
however, when a group of individuals maintains the same image or beliefs, the
group creates, molds, and maintains a consensus reality. In effect, group thoughtenergy
forms, stabilizes, and actually solidifies nonphysical energy. The larger the
group (some number in the millions), the more stable the immediate energy
environment becomes. This is an important discovery because it explains the vast
differences encountered when exploring the nonphysical dimensions. For example,
the first nonphysical dimension is a parallel energy world almost identical to the
physical universe. This dimension of energy existing close to the physical is molded
by the consensus thoughts of the six billion inhabitants existing in the physical.
The underlying cause of this phenomenon appears to be remarkable: consciousness
creates reality. All reality, including matter, is shaped and molded by thought.
Creation itself is the result of conscious thought-energy influencing, arranging, and
manifesting form and substance as we know it. Countless nonphysical explorations
into the interior of universe confirm this observation. It’s only the density of matter
that obscures the truth of this from our physical senses. In the physical world,
consciousness uses biological vehicles for its expression. Our physical bodies are
the direct tools of our consciousness; our thoughts direct our bodies to build the
reality we experience every day of our lives. This process of consciousness creating
reality is more important than words can begin to express. Our recognition of this
reality is the first step to true mastery of ourselves and our surroundings. Each of
us possesses the creative ability and power to shape and mold his or her ideal
physical, emotional, and intellectual surroundings. It is up to us, however, to
recognize and implement our creative ability. Our recognition of the creative power
of consciousness will dramatically affect both our immediate future and the
evolution of our species. Until we truly comprehend and consciously control the
unseen energies flowing through us, we will be bound to the dense molecular forms
that surround us. Our evolution from a physical creature to a multidimensional,
nonphysical being is directly linked to the recognition and conscious control of our
thought-energy. Once we truly comprehend our individual ability to shape and mold
the energy around us, we can begin to take full responsibility for our thoughts. With
every thought and deed we become aware that we are the creative artists of our
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