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In 1995, Globe caused controversy by publishing Tejana singer Selena's autopsy photos.. South Texas retailers quickly removed copies of Globe from store shelves after discovering the tabloid had printed the photos. Six colour pictures snapped by a police photographer from the autopsy of 23-year-old were in the Nov. 14 issue delivered to local stores. The article was headlined: "Shot in the Back!" and "Exclusive! Dramatic autopsy photos reveal innocent beauty was gunned down by lying coward." Selena was fatally shot March 31 at a Corpus Christi motel by former fan club president Yolanda Saldivar..In 2001, the offices of American Media in Boca Raton, Florida, were attacked with anthrax. A photo editor with The Sun, a sister publication to Globe, died from exposure to it, and the building was sealed for 3 years.. will have to talk to Lord Chamberlain about all this..Oh, I have..And to Robert , and it seems they both agree with Mr. Blair..So, come on now, MacReady, Norwegians get ahold of this...

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