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Lightbulb Prince Charles Mountains

The Thing - Clark Kennels the Malamute..

Mount Gavaghan (Coordinates: 70°26′S 65°27′E) is a mountain in the Porthos Range of the Prince Charles Mountains, Antarctica, between Mount Kirkby and Mount Creighton.. It was plotted from Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions air photos, and was named for E.J. Gavaghan, Radio operator at Mawson Station in 1963...

Helicopter landing on icebreaker USCGC Northwind during Operation Highjump Western Group (Task Group 68.1)-Capt. Charles A. Bond, USN, Commanding..

The Prince Charles Mountains are a major group of mountains in Mac Robertson Land in Antarctica, including the Athos Range, the Porthos Range, and the Aramis Range.. The highest peak is Mount Menzies (3228 m). Other prominent peaks are Mount Izabelle and Mount Stinear (1950 m).. These mountains together with other scattered peaks form an arc about 260 miles long, extending from the vicinity of Mount Starlight in the north to Goodspeed Nunataks in the south..These mountains were first observed and photographed from a distance by airmen of USN Operation Highjump, 1946-47..In Robert Doherty's Area 51 novel series Operation Highjump is said to have been a cover for an expedition to excavate flying saucers buried under Antarctica's ice shelf by long-ago ExtraTerrestrial visitors..The Norwegians' records lead the Americans to a buried flying saucer that the station's geologist, Norris, hypothesizes is likely over 100,000 years old..Blair becomes increasingly suspicious of the others and withdraws, calculating that if the alien escapes to a civilized area, all life on Earth will be assimilated in a few years..The Grove Mountains are a large, scattered group of mountains and nunataks extending over an area of approximately 40 by 20 miles (60 by 30 km), located 100 miles (160 km) east of the Mawson Escarpment in American Highland, Antarctica..The Bohemian club!. Did you say Bohemian club?..The following week, taking advantage of British Airways' “2 for the price of 1” offer to Gulf servicemen, Jilly and I went camping in California...Released 26 August 1982 (UK)..

August 1 – Attempted coup against government of Daniel Arap Moi in Kenya- The government creates Britoil, successor organisation to the British National Oil Company\3 – Venezuela recognizes the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR)/ 4 - The first child of The Prince and Princess of Wales is christened William Arthur Philip Louis– The United Nations Security Council votes to censure Israel because its troops are still in Lebanon\7– 2 members of the "Pierre Gulumian Commando" group of the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia attack Esenboğa Airport in Turkey, detonating a bomb and then opening fire with submachine guns – Italian Prime Minister Giovanni Spadolini resigns/11 – A terrorist bomb explodes under a seat cushion on board the Pan American World Airways Boeing 747-121 Clipper Ocean Rover, with 274 people on board..It kills a 16-year-old Japanese boy and injures 15 other people– Suriname recognizes the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR)- US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site-Wait a minute, Scotty. You won't need any boots\ 12 – Mexico announces it is unable to pay its large foreign debt, triggering a debt crisis that quickly spread throughout Latin America/13 – In Hong Kong, health warnings on cigarette packets are made statutory\17 – In Langenhagen near Hanover, Germany began the first mass production of the compact disc/18- 4 streets in Liverpool are named after each of The Beatles\20 – A multinational force lands in Beirut to oversee the PLO withdrawal from Lebanon. French troops arrive 21, U.S. Marines 25/27 - Soyuz T-7 returns to Earth\29 - 65-year-old American Ashby Harper becomes the oldest person to swim the English Channel- 38°F lowest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland - Steve Miller's "Abracadabra" hits #1- Joanne Carner wins LPGA Henredon Golf Classic/30- St David's Hall opens in Cardiff as the National Concert Hall and Conference Centre of Wales - PLO leader Yasser Arafat leaves Beirut\31– Ronnie James Dio plays his final show with Black Sabbath – The Israeli Air Force shoots down a Syrian MiG-25, raising the total number of Syrian aircraft lost in the 82 Lebanon War to 88 -I don't know about Copper..but I give you my word I did not go near that blood! - USSR performs underground nuclear test...

The Thing from Another World..The story concerns a U.S. Air Force crew and scientists who find a crashed flying saucer and a body frozen nearby in the Arctic ice was loosely adapted by Charles Lederer, with uncredited rewrites from Howard Hawks and Ben Hecht, from the 1938 novella Who Goes There?.Lederer was famed on both coasts as a sardonic wit and "incessant practical joker," which endeared him to Hecht.. Bennett Cerf's book shiekh Well Before Using describes an incident during Lederer's career in the Army during World War II, when Lederer wreaked revenge on an Englishwoman who had been making rude remarks against Jews.. Lederer was also great friends with Marx Brother Harpo Marx and the two constantly cooked up practical jokes at the balls and parties they attended at Hearst Castle, the estate of William Randolph Hearst, such as stealing all the female guests' fur coats and draping them over the statues outside the estate during a heavy snowstorm..

Mount Gibson(71°20′S 66°20′E) is a small mountain about 2.5 nautical miles (4.6 km) west of Mount Cameron and 3 nautical miles (6 km) south of Schmitter Peak..Plotted from ANARE air photos taken in 1956 and 1960..Named by ANCA after P.R. Gibson, plumber at Wilkes Station in 1965...

Mount Meredith (71°12′S 67°45′E) is a fairly massive, almost flat-topped mountain standing 10 nautical miles (19 km) north of Fisher Massif. It was photographed from Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions aircraft in 1956 and 1957, and was named by the Antarctic Names Committee of Australia for Sergeant N. Meredith, RAAF, an engine fitter at Mawson Station in 1957..How sexy am I now, huh?.Flirty boy!. How sexy am I now?..

Simon Ridge(71°03′S 65°30′E) is an arc-shaped rock ridge about 13 km (8 mi) southeast of Husky Massif.. Plotted from ANARE air photos taken in 1960. Named for M.J. Simon,radio officer at Wilkes Station in 1962.. It was first sighted from Mount Bewsher by an Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions field party in January 1957 and named "Husky Dome" to commemorate the sledge dogs used by the party..Find anything, Captain?.. mind boggles..Chariots of the Gods, man..They practically own South America.. I mean, they taught the Incas everything they know...

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