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Originally Posted by jake_ball View Post
I wasnt able to swim, I just couldnt do it.
Anyway I hung around people who were good swimmers and they told me how to do it. So I visualised doing it. In my head I could swim. So I told my mates that if I go to the baths, I am CERTAIN that I can now swim.

Anyway, I went to the baths .....and nearly fucking drowned! I couldnt swim!
But I then put a huge amount of physical effort into learning to do it, and I learned not too long after. I feel that the visulaisation thing did NOT work in this case.

Re the Law Of Attraction. I think the the LOA is not about gaining things, it's about resonation. Here is an example of resonation :-

- One can learn to be calm and at peace, and one will then attract similar people, and you will benefit from this. You will also attract anxious people who need calm and peace in their lives, and they will start to resonate with you, and they will start to become calm, but it's also possible that you may resonate with THEIR vibe if you start to focus on the fear vibe too much!

I know its not quite what you mean, it just clicked something in me
.. But that is exsactly how I taught the two of my grandchildren that I look after to swim.. Relaxing on their backs and knowing that once they were very relaxed and calm they float.. Once they know how to float swimming was a breeze for them..
They are 4 and 2 and swim like mermaids.. so much confidence as they know that anytime they get to worn out to swim, they roll onto their backs and float (wiggle fingers and toes to get where they need to be)

They can swim under water and pick things off the floor. No lessons, no armbands ever, just playing with nanny and laughing when we go under.
When you stop watching what they want you to watch you stop thinking what they want you to think.. Then you see a world that is nothing like they tell you it is.
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