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Iceland's proposed ban on circumcision rattles Jews, Muslims
“It’s like they’re closing doors for Jews and Muslims, that they’re not welcome," one Muslim community leader said.
by Saphora Smith / Sep.21.2018 / 9:17 AM GMT+1 / Updated Sep.21.2018 / 9:26 AM GMT+1

The bill aims to outlaw circumcision when not for medical reasons and was introduced by nine lawmakers from four political parties. It claims that any parent allowing the “irreversible” procedure disregards a boy's right to self-determination. Those found guilty could face up to six years in prison.

The bill suggests that boys who seek circumcision for religious or cultural reasons wait until they have reached the “age and maturity” to understand what is involved.

An open letter signed by more than 400 Icelandic doctors said performing circumcisions other than for medical reasons was at odds with their Hippocratic oath to do no harm.
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