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Default Amy Schumer

I question the rise of Amy Schumer(33). I found her to be fairly funny at first, but not funny enough to skyrocket to fame the way she did.

Her Comedy Central show was amusing at times, but I thought it would be canceled after one season. Then it won a bunch of Emmys. Then she got her own movie and an HBO special very quickly after having just done a full Comedy Central special. Comedians have to work on material. They cant just come up with it immediately. That's probably why she repeated some of her old jokes on the HBO special.

Now it has been coming out that she is a joke stealer. She also admitted to shoplifting over $100,000 worth of merchandise when she was in her early twenties. The whole thing is bizarre. Her uncle is Senator Charles(66) Schumer(33). She is probably getting a career boost because of her connections and her 33 name. She has had so many big name cameos on her basic cable show and in her movie. It doesnt add up.

Trainwreck (2015)
Amy Schumer(33) as Amy Townsend(33)
Townsend = 2+6+5+5+1+5+5+4 = 33
(44)Bill Hader as Dr. Aaron Conners
Conner=33. Conners equals 33s?
Tilda Swinton(33) as Dianna - Why is a legitimate actress in this horrible movie?

LeBron(33R) James(33R) as himself - Why is super-name Lebron James in this movie? Is it because they want to get more 33s in there? He's from Cleveland(33) but then went to play with his friend Dwayne Wade(33) and Chris(33R) Bosh in Miami.
There are a lot of cameos in this movie. In one of the worst scenes in the history of movies, Chris Evert, Marv Albert, and Matthew Broderick pop into the movie for no apparent reason. It's as if they were just finding ways to get big names into the film. Something's up. You dont just write a crappy movie, get it produced, and then get all kinds of stars to show up to perform for you.
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