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Originally Posted by raven_patronus View Post
Hi...I keep noticing these creepy coincidences...sometimes they are absolutely uncanny....I wish I could remember a really, really good one...but here are some:

Just now was wrapping xmas gifts with all my hallmark purchases....

An hour later I check my the time I was wrapping (an hour ago) I was sent a hallmark email)....

It's true, I have a "hallmark rewards card", but still it is so exact. I only get hallmark emails a few times a week, and it is right while I am wrapping it.

I have gotten many other email coincidences....

Like i was thinking about reading this book, and that day, pretty much while thinking about it, I got an email about a version of the very book....(although I did buy the type of book in the past and Amazon knows)....However they only sent me this email once, within several months...the probability my thoughts and the email occur in conjunction was small)! you think this is the matrix speaking? Speaking though the media and consumerism minds?

Do they have like a connection to our consumer drained minds? Like knowing when we're gonna make a purchase?!

It seems they already know what we want to buy

Please share your own experiences with similar things.
OP, What do you mean by 'hallmark purchases'?

In any case, I think you've got a demonic attachment of "hallmark". It is trying to let you know that IT is with you.

There are no coincidences as you know....
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