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Originally Posted by aratron View Post
On 11 June, reports emerged that LulzSec hacked into and stole user information from the pornography website They obtained and published around 26,000 e-mail addresses and passwords. Among the information stolen were records of two users who subscribed using email addresses associated with the Malaysian government, three users who subscribed using United States military email addresses and 55 users who LulzSec claimed were administrators of other adult-oriented websites. Following the breach, Facebook locked the accounts of all users who had used the published e-mail addresses, and also blocked new Facebook accounts opened using the leaked e-mail addresses, fearing that users of the site would get hacked after LulzSec encouraged people to try and see if these people used identical user name and password combinations on Facebook as well..

On 16 June, LulzSec posted a random assortment of 62,000 emails and passwords to MediaFire..LulzSec claimed to have hacked local InfraGard chapter sites, a non-profit organization affiliated with the FBI..The group leaked some of InfraGard member e-mails and a database of local users..On 9 June, LulzSec sent an email to the administrators of the British National Health Service, informing them of a security vulnerability discovered in NHS systems. LulzSec stated that they did not intend to exploit this vulnerability, saying in the email that "We mean you no harm and only want to help you fix your tech issues"..On 13 June, LulzSec released the e-mails and passwords of a number of users of, the website of the United States Senate..On 15 June, LulzSec launched an attack on, the public website of the United States Central Intelligence Agency, taking the website offline with a distributed denial-of-service attack.. The website was down from 5:48 pm to 8:00 pm eastern time..On 2 December, an offshoot of LulzSec calling itself LulzSec Portugal, attacked several sites related to the government of Portugal..Tflow – (Real name: Mustafa Al-Bassam) The 4th founding member of the group identified in chat logs, attempts to identify him have labelled him a PHP coder, web developer, and performer of scams on PayPal... indicates our current defense condition.. It should read "Defcon 5," which means peace.. It's still on 4 because of that little stunt you pulled...
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