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i forgot to mention the religon thing...ok they basically are free to have any religon they want outside of freemasonry but when they come ot the lodge you're basically supposed to leave any of your preconceived ideas and stuff at the door.

I do believe that they do in fact worship the "architect of the universe" some more than others though. My OH doesn't worship anyone lol (only me lol) of course!

no seriously, it is a sect though,as you say, the fact that they have temples and lodges shows that. And also the rig out that they wear,all that fancy stuff, i know the apron is to pay hommage to the craft as the old stone masons used ot wear an apron to protect their "family jewels lol" ie their penises lol

they wear white gloves to make them more focused on their work at a meeting, that they are actualy there to work and "sculpt" themselves...

but like, it does make a HUGE difference what lodge you're in and what country...english lodges are known for being strict and nuts bascially lol and american ones too cause they can be also mormons and crazy christians mixed with freemasonry...not good. Too fanatical. English lodges are also known for taking advantage of any power they have in business etc, always promoting fellow members of the brotherhood in employment etc.

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