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Hiya CI,

No, you're right, the vast majority of Masons are probably men that believe they are doing the right thing, but for me, the issue is the secrecy of their "craft", and their inconsistencies with information. For example, they say it's not a religion, but they have Temples (how does that work?), and what exactly is their "craft"? Well, I know some of the answers but I'd like to see them be honest about what they're really involved in.

Also, any organization that excludes membership for women based simply on gender is very uncool, in my opinion. It's the ongoing oppression of the female energy. The male energy is dominant on this planet, and that is because we continue to excuse the practices and mentalities of people like Freemasons.

As quoted in the Brian Conz post on this thread - "About one-third of the 1.5 million American Freemasons have gone on to become 32°, and about 1% of those receive the 33° in recognition of their service to humanity, their communities, or to Freemasonry."(ie: to their "craft")

It's those 15,000 33° Freemasons that are the real bastards, but it's the existence of the other 32 degrees that provide the clever cover for them.

This is NOT a good organization. The "nice" people on the lower levels are under a spell, and they are providing the perfect cover by being nice people.

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