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Hey Bud, Glad you've enjoyed the thread thus far.

Well, the book is very very deep and took me several months to finish. I read it immediately after the Da Vinci Code, just to see if the novel had any merit or truth to it. I would say that the bloodline theory in HBHG was presented in a way that told me that the authors BELIEVED that bloodline was something valid and important, and that the DNA that courses through your veins does indeed define you.

So, not really exposing it, but bolstering it instead.

On the upside, the book did have interesting history, and was a worthwhile read. It all comes together in the end.

Knowing that Baigent is the editor of a Freemasonry magazine, and I'm assuming he's a Mason, I'm not surprised at all that HBHG was written. They are ALL about bloodline, as we can see.
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