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But if you use money even(people still do live fine without it), let alone pursue it with enthusiasm unfortunately means we are also only 'doing our job' f you pay incomme tax you are only doing your job. But we know that income tax is theft, yet agree to take part in theft, or be a victim and not retaliate.

Too bad we will never unite enough in the the right context but also in the numbers we need, but there is no shame there when you think what we are up against.

But we all still have our own minds and they may become precious things in our time even, but it is sad when we have to potentially protect that in such a context.

Good news is that it is our best Weapon and the only one they fear.
Space tripping, drifting away

Remember, the Rothchilds started Sci Fi and ET over a hundred years ago, even funding authors, so beware the fake ET talk, the real stuff is ok though

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