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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
I don't have to answer every question you ask and you are wrong.

No but they are still serving their masters and not the public who they are supposed to serve. I am speaking from my own experience dealing with the police and from others. They are basically self-serving tossers. I have a good things to say about firemen though. So many times police served corporation and do terrible thing to innocent people. As for peadophilia, if a number of them stood up and exposed their colleagues, so many victims didn't have to suffer in silence for decades.
You said a job title doesn't define the person and then say I'm wrong for repeating that back to you!

I agree that some coppers are arseholes, same in any job really. Not all can be judged as such though, so to demonise anybody in a uniform in just bogus. As you said, its their own inner god who is the judge, not YOU, so its a bit presumptuous for you to go on about what will happen to them after judgement when you wont even know all the facts about their lives, which their inner being would know. What if they had saved lives? would you know about it yet you judge them for wearing a police uniform based what their colleagues might have done.
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