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Originally Posted by beautifulfallenvampire View Post
No one really tells me about my trial or what it is even about. They said it would be a bit dangerous,though. A trial of my strength I guess. And my friend is in trials too. I wish I had guidance. I need my angel back. I have no idea where he is. He left and I asked my mentor what happened and he said that he would come back after my "liberation". He tells me to be patient and to rely on my own strength but I feel so weak and unprotected. I WONDER IF I would even survive the trials! This is just insane for me. I have no idea where my life is going. Or what is going on to me and my beautiful angel. I wonder if he is safe and happy. That us what I need to know...I want to know where he is...He has been with me almost all my life and he suddenly leaves and my mentor abandons me! There is so much secrecy....
my wife recently noticed a change in her guides, guides that had been with her for years. one went away, to let her sort things out, and now is back. time is so much more than what we perceive here, ime. and less, at the same time. a twinkling of an eye "there" seems like and eternity "here".

so let me ask you: what would it take for you to feel rock solid, like you are liberated, right now? what's holding you back?
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