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Yeah 1994 and 1995 they tried to kill the pope and take over Fedex plane..why 911 is the perhaps phone number or Bill Gates has just made 101 bill just before going back down to 70 bill (in 2000) The U.S was going to be a monster if the gas prices and N.Y. panic... also 911 is like 711 or july fourth I have mentioned...the weptillians (reptillian computer program of the universe that is stupid being ba'al seems to take care of the billionaire as all bad nothing good) why would the universe make itself violent bad? swirling around the room like Excorsist/the WALL movie just before jumping or throwing something out the window? The Satan of Devil (Star of David) seems to point to 10 essee (state of tennessee USA) has a ver high homicide and battery assult ever since the WW1 (being American Civil War) And cops are swarming the states dont come here to US they will frame you. The satanic cult likes to catch people lying in bed or sitting, AND PROBABLY SHOOT YOU TOO!
"The Earth is bigger then the universe....and the human Brain is much smarter then the universe." The universe program code named "pazzuzzu" will try and poison and destroy the people to a pulp figment episode. The 3 Quasars 10 billion light years away perhaps makes galaxies and white dwarf are actually white hole through time(theere are no black hole) (no black holes because of 2 reasons...1-Einstein say that a black hole made of light is very unstable (so why not a black hole made of matter?) 2-there is Sound in Quasars that would be horrendous to the other forces and therefore no singularity
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