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Originally Posted by antipodean View Post
The lengths that the CIA et al had to go to in order to dismiss Whitlam, when all they had to do was blackmail him over his peadophilia activities tells me it's bull shit.

The only member of his cabinet who became Prime Minister was Paul Keating.
For 15 years he was Labour's attack dog in Parliament. If he was a peadophile it would have all come out.
Opposition MP Wilson Tuckey once bought up in Parliament a previous relationship of Keating's when he said, "I'm going to have to mention Christine" Keating went nuts.

At such a young age it's possible she could have been mistaken, & Barnett's abusers could have been from within Malcolm Fraser's following Liberal Government. Where one Minister became a future PM.
Truth does not follow logic - quite the reverse is true.
There is never a single agenda with any situation, especially where the CIA may be involved.

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