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Pronographic's started by saying a nakit body is art. Once it started it progressive got worst worst. to the point of being sold in stores. an in some place in Euro. right to the street corners. So your children can an learn to be bought an sold like meat

but it started with the words this is art. It will be the same with dropping Nukes. only there be nothing wrong. They just wont have to say anything is wrong

This what i heard a Russian person say he live near a radioactive location;
a russian person states you won't be a genetic mutation. you just be changing not mutating. This is a statement made by a Russian person. and in the same breath said he wants more nuclear energy. The next in the series of statement was on. How Voka n cigs stop the rads. like a protection this a statement i head and made by a person who's probably dead

3 Whale Species That Were Nearly Hunted to Extinction

The 3 Nation named by Oz are tradisional fishing nations. As are many other. In Japans case. They even gone to to extent of making there fishing zones with in there 200 mile limit. so there not fishing whale in international waters

this make 2 points 1 can the world trust a foreign power to dictate the lives of 4.8 billion other people. who don't want this.

The second problem we can see. but it not as apparent as the 1st. Once 1 nation start this kind of things. Why not the next government. and then the next.

Lastly I would hate to think some bastardization of life is set free in the seas. like the Panda. a genetic mutation of life really an abomination of life.

Like to many rads.

So yea we want to nib this in the but. fast.

Other wise other nations will feel this is acceptable behavior. which it is clearly not.

back in the 80s an 90s The US military try using doffine to just carrier explosive to a ship place it on a hull n swim away. they would not do it

There a reason i say a life for a life.

Sky's these mammals are intelligent. it like eating a person some one with a thinking brain. There also recognized as such by E+T. They have more right to be here. then 4.5 billion people

Eminem - Déjà Vu lyrics
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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