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Originally Posted by zoeismyeverything View Post
I can't imagine it would be hard. I mean they have had a lot of practice and experience with brainwashing over the past decades.
The perfect "Manchurian candidate" would have to be acting under complete control, while forgetting what happened...
They won't achieve this perfectly.

Originally Posted by zoeismyeverything View Post
Just an idea. Feel free to call me a fool, but do you think it is possible that TPTB use psychological compartmentalisation and brainwashing (a la 'MK-Ultra') to produce these stereotypical terrorists which commit attacks such as Manchester etc.
MKULTRA included experiments to create “Manchurian candidates” (that is a mind controlled terrorist; I believe it refers to the Frank Sinatra movie).
See John Marks’ “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate” (1979):

Officially “MKULTRA” was terminated, but they simply renamed it, while continuing the experiments.
The “suspect” for the Marjory Stoneman High school, Florida "mass shooting", Nicholas Cruz, looks completely drugged into a zombielike state...

It has been rumoured that the killer of John Lennon, Mark David Chapman, was under mind control:
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