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Probably, they only get hits from a small percentage, of those they intentionally radicalise.

Probably only 1 in 50 or so, actually will do something. So gov ruin many lifes, but the vast majority would never do such acts.

Govs have to radicalise many before, they get one willing to go as far as murdering, or doing a terror act.

So your right in a way, that gov produce terrorists, but the actually hit rate, of getting a person destroyed, to then commit murder or terror probably is low.

The uk gov during the troubles with ireland, would of intentionally ruined many irish lifes, looking for that one person that would join such things. Like in america, the fbi are known to radicalise peoples, so they do something, but the rate of how many they target, to actually do something is probably low.

Electronic mind control exists and yes, they use it to destroy people, so they get them, to go over the top and do bad things. But the hit rate, of getting a person that will do murder, or terror acts is probably very low.

I have no idea on numbers, but your probably looking at very low percentages. So although gov do have these techs, and do such things as try to get people to do bad stuff, only a small minority would actually even with mind control pushing them, do a terror act.

The uk gov had mind control in the troubles with ireland, and the ira rose above it, and were the ones whom wanted peace. If it was the english gov way, the troubles would of kept going. It was the ira that rose above the goading, and stuff by uk gov to bring peace.

The problems the muslims have, is there is so many, the chances of one of them doing something is far greater, as the numbers are so high in terms of actual people destroyed by what ever in there lifes, there is just more of a chance a muslim will do an act of terror.

So although i think, govs like uk, france are destroying muslims lifes, only a percentage of them will do something, like a terror act.
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