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Maybe they are mind controlled - or maybe there is another truth that people are ignoring because it isn't pretty. And there are many that benefit from the lies....

The truth is that suicide terrorists are typically committing suicide, not making a sacrifice or engaging in martyrdom, as has been assumed.
Because suicide is prohibited by Islamic law – as even the most radical of terrorist leaders acknowledge – this means that the behavior of suicide terrorists constitutes a major crime against God.

Former al Qaeda leader Sheik Yusuf ibn Salih Al-‘Uyayri claimed that “martyrdom operations” are driven by the individual’s desire to sacrifice his life for the cause, not suicidal urges “of anger, pain or some other worldly motive.”
Just like with typical suicidal people, the pain experienced by numerous suicide terrorists has led them to seek an escape through death.
Other suicide attackers have been suffering from tuberculosis, seizure disorders, tumors, blindness, HIV, combat injuries, and drug addictions – or more commonly, plagued by a range of psychological problems, such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and overwhelming guilt and shame.

For years, the myth of martyrdom has been built on the lies of terrorist leaders, who covered up their exploitation of vulnerable individuals; the denials of attackers’ families, who wanted to believe that their loved ones were heroes; and the bold rhetoric of suicide terrorists, who wanted to hide their shame and suffering from the world.

But the truth is now available, and it can no longer be denied. Anyone who supports so-called “martyrdom operations” is encouraging desperate people to commit suicide, which is a crime against God under their religion.
Anyone who considers blowing him- or herself up should think twice, because God will not be fooled by false martyrs. Nor will he be forgiving.
“Do not kill yourselves…whoever does that…We shall burn him in Fire. And that is easy for Allah” (an-Nis?: 29-30).

That quote was taken from the net - I haven't read the whole book nor do I own a copy

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