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Default Using brainwashing control to produce 'terrorists'

Hi all,

Just an idea. Feel free to call me a fool, but do you think it is possible that TPTB use psychological compartmentalisation and brainwashing (a la 'MK-Ultra') to produce these stereotypical terrorists which commit attacks such as Manchester etc.

I can't imagine it would be hard. I mean they have had a lot of practice and experience with brainwashing over the past decades. All they'd have to do is create a stereotypical terrorist profile (middle eastern for example) and choose people who got that profile and use them as psychological slaves if you will.

The compartmentalising would take care of the thoughts of the terrorist,convincing them that they are working for a terror organisation (e.g. ISIS)

I don't know maybe I'm way off the mark. But to me my instinct is that the MK-Ultra style operations of the past decades were leading up to something and this may be it.
As many know, our fear and other low vibrational emotions are fed off and to me this whole terrorism topic has been and will continue to be one of the biggest harvesters of fear.
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