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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Oh .... tg expressing an opinion on something other than Apollo !!!
You have the observational skills of a bat in a box.

Predictably his voice is of the of status quo , the official government line ....
Nope. Just not the bullshit and incredibollocks that you routinely suck up!!

This is what David Icke said in 2013

"Sandy Hook was a blatantly staged event with endless inconsistences and countless contradictions and now we have the classic false flag calling card - an 'active-shooter' drill was happening at a nearby school at the same time...."

full article here ...

This article shows David Icke as the author.
And that confirms YOUR position how?

Let me spell it out for the hopelessly uninformed, seemingly reading and comprehension challenged amongst you.....

I have no problem speculating along the lines that this and other events are not always as they seem. I don't necessarily have to even degree with any one analysis to think that there can be people involved manipulating events for an agenda.

My problem lies with the brainless jokes who claim the whole thing is faked, in this case saying no children died!!


"These 'drills' are used as a cover for rogue elements within the military, intelligence and law enforcement to carry out killings and terrorist attacks that are blamed on a target enemy to bring about fundamental change in society. "

-David Icke

Show me where he supports your claim.
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