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Originally Posted by kasalt View Post
Been checking it out. At around 56:05 of the first episode there is discussion of a cylindrical UFO sighting. I did some searching on this sighting and the UFO seems to have been identified as a Google wifi balloon. Here's the link:
Good find.

Did you see the name of the Google project? Project Loon.

That is presumably meant to be a shortened form of 'balloon', but a 'loon' is a 'silly or foolish person' and this project was supposedly meant to deliver wifi to remote and rural areas.

The obvious implication to me, is that remote and rural folk = loons to the Google bosses.

Based on that, the fact that I don't trust a single thing Google ever says or does, and on the below quote, it kinda looks suspiciously like a test, or UFO psy-op on backwoods 'loons' by Google/the military etc:

The Loon team launched the massive spherical, internet-carrying balloon from California on what was supposed to be a short-duration test flight. But it "ran out of juice" and they lost track of it.

They then followed its course eastward by checking in on UFO forums online.

"We tracked the balloon by outsourcing to the internet UFO community," DeVaul said. "It drifted all the way across the country, getting to Kentucky, to the Eastern Seaboard, all the way up to Canada."

"No one outside Google X knows this."
I'll have to go back and re-listen to the Mysterious Universe podcast I posted in the OP (second video), since the documentary-makers referred to the UFO issue, and said that the photos that appeared in the local newspapers of the sighted object were completely different to the ones seen and videoed by locals (or vice versa - I don't remember the specifics).

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