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Originally Posted by markritter View Post
The fact that his tax pays the wages of all those people that you condemn as well as going towards all weapons of war and the like.

So what do you do for a living? you seem to be avoiding the question.

What it looks like to me is that some people have such a hatred for people from walks of life that they don't approve of that they want them to be judged harshly and punished. The same goes for a lot of religious people who preach forgiveness and love and yet want to see people they don't agree with burning in hell.

David, as well as many other people, says infinite love is the only way. The bible says love covers all sins, so in effect all of those people who are being judged by you are able to be released from their punishment by love. Have you the strength to give love to people like that to help release them?
It's the military industrial complex innit.

Thing is, some jobs and professions don't impose anyone's will upon the public. Others do. What are we to make of this, is it ok?


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