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U.S. Slaughterhouses Caught Boiling Animals Alive, Freezing Them to Death

By Julie Cappiello - December 19, 2018
An investigation by The Guardian and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism into U.S. slaughterhouses found chickens slowly freezing to death, being boiled alive, drowning, and suffocating under piles of other birds.

Hundreds of inspection logs from the United States Department of Agriculture detail numerous incidents of animal cruelty in chicken factory farms and slaughterhouses across the country.

Some logs report thousands of birds dying from heat stress or freezing to death when they were left waiting in transport trucks during heat waves or frigid temperatures. Inspectors noted repeatedly that the facilities had not provided adequate shelter to protect the animals from extreme weather. Other records reveal hundreds of turkeys and chickens bludgeoned, suffocated, or scalded.
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