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'A loud and clear message': California passes historic farm animal protections
Law sets new space requirements for pigs, chickens and cows and also bans sale of caged eggs from 2022

It was a big night for California chickens, cows, and pigs as midterms voters overwhelmingly supported an initiative codifying the most progressive animal welfare protections in the world.

California Proposition 12, which passed with more than 61% of the vote, sets specific space requirements for confined animals raised for food.

Building on a popular but flawed 2008 measure, which was supposed to ensure animals had space to turn around, stretch, and lie down, the updated rules specify square footage for each animal.

The proposition also adds an enforcement mechanism, giving the initiative teeth its predecessor lacked. The state’s department of food and agriculture, alongside its department of public health, will now be charged with overseeing the regulations and violators could face misdemeanor charges and fines.
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