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CIA secretly created 'remote control' DOGS in the 1960s by surgically implanting electrodes in their brains, declassified documents reveal
CIA documents reveal that they tested on dogs in mind control experiments
Officials have been trying to hide top secret documents for decades
Files reveal that the CIA controlled dog's minds using electrodes in their skulls
'Behaviour modification' experiments were an illegal mind control project
Files were released by The Black Vault, a declassified government records site

The CIA created remote control dogs by surgically implanting electrodes in their brains in 1963, newly released documents reveal.

US officials have been trying to hide the top secret 'behaviour modification' files for decades, but they have now been released under the country's Freedom of Information laws.

Experimenters implanted devices inside the skulls of six canines and used electrical stimulation to guide them through an open field, making them run, turn and stop.

The top secret experiments were part of the infamous mind control project MKUltra.

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