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Here's an excellent read on the circumstances in which you can become possessed (including drinking alcohol or taking drugs) and the signs of likely possession by entities in the next dimension.

It includes this spooky story:

"In his book "Return from tomorrow" George G. Ritchie, tells about his near-death experience, during which he was guided to different places by a being, who he interpreted as Jesus.

He tells that he was taken to a dirty bar where a lot of people stood drinking. Some knocked back drinks as fast as the sweaty bartender was able to serve them.

All of a sudden, he discovered something that surprised him.

Some of the men at the bar, seemed not to be able to lift their drinks. Their hands passed straight through the glasses, and also through the bodies of the men standing at the bar gulping down drinks. All these men lacked the circle of light, that surrounded the others who drank. He understood that the aura of light only existed by those who were alive, while the "dead" had lost this "second skin". These "dead" people argued furiously about the glasses, which they tried unsuccessfully to lift.

Then, he saw a sailor, who had drunk too much, get up from his chair on unsteady legs, only to drop to the ground after a few steps. Some comrades started to drag him away from the crowd. Astonished, Richie saw how the aura of light around the unconscious sailor simply opened up. It split up and started to disappear from the head and shoulders. Quickly, faster than he ever had seen somebody move, the spiritual creature jumped on him. In the next moment, the character had slid into the aura and disappeared, to George Ritchies big surprise. He saw the same thing happen to two other men in the bar."

The message is, guard your aura and stay in control of yourself, or something else will be controlling you.
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