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Here is another good read. It's about how we can get obsessed after a relationship breakup, we are actually obsessed if not possessed by a thought-form that becomes a monster in the mind that keeps returning to us. This thoughtform complex is a living entity, quite possibly an entity that was feeding on the energy of the relationship, or feeding off the energies of the other person, and it wants the relationship to resume.

".......The unbeckoned thoughts of the other person, the slippers of hers that you can't bear to throw out, the restaurant where you had your third date, the text message logs that still show up when you search your phone for the names of friends.

That root canal pain, again and again.

In this way, the memories of the relationship become a being in themselves - perhaps they always were. And that being shows up like an unbidden guest, or to use one of Susan's favorite metaphors, a wild animal - one that will run into your room, tear up all the furniture, and eat all your food.

"You can't yell at it to get it to stop and you can't just leave it alone," she says. "The way to tame it is to just remain calm yourself and just be with it until it calms down."


On the subject of how energy is "vampirised" in relationships (a fairly normal occurrence), read the following -

It starts like this:

"Energetic vampirism is the process whereby one person, through manipulation, essentially steals some life energy from another.

Here is more explanation of this simple definition. Our life and health depends upon having enough of a subtle life energy or adaptive energy flowing throughout the body and brain. This energy has been given many names such as vital force, life force, chi, qi and others. Each person is born with a certain amount of it. As we age, it slowly diminishes, eventually causing death of the body, unless something can be done to reverse the process.

Each person is supposed to live off his or her own life energy, happily and independently. However, many people are not in touch with this energy, or have been violated or traumatized in certain ways that make it difficult for them to contact their own life force or energy. These people may learn or be taught, often as children, how to steal energy from others.

Note that most people give away some of their energy to others. This is fine if you are in control of the situation. It is vampirism if you are not in control, and others essentially manipulate your energy field in certain ways to extract energy in a stealth manner."

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