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Originally Posted by truth addict View Post
Ah yes, there is an unseen hierarchical foodchain all around us. I wouldn´t be surprised if the "archons" have "arch-archons".

All sponsored, apparently, by...


God, that is a disturbing painting!!!
Can you imagine they act as the law :rolleyes sort of police.
They are spirits, these are no aliens in spaceships, it's all spiritual.
These spirits have been manipulating, cheating and feeding on humanity for who knows how long, it's just as now people have become aware of their game. It is indeed the creator who made this possible for all of the people to increase perception and find out who they are.

I think it's a beautiful begining where people become more and more aware of who these vampiric spirits are.
Some of them are alien, some of them are from right here have sold out and became like them.

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